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With Infowerk, you can design many different print products yourself online with just a few clicks and have them printed by us in first-class paper and print quality. The good thing about it: you don't need any expensive image editing software, just use our free FreeDesign tool. In this way, you can create high-quality print products for your friends, your company or your home in no time at all.


Business cards


With extraordinary business cards you stand out from the crowd – discover the numerous designs and templates in our design tool.




Perfect for personal letters or your business correspondence: With your own letterheads you present yourself in a professional way.


Flyers | Folded flyers


Our most versatile product is perfect for marketing campaigns, as product information or event invitation. Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use designs for every occasion.

Cinnamon stars

Whether at a business meeting or your restaurant when placed with coffee: cinnamon stars are an attention-getter at Christmas time and can be customised online with us.


Whether at a business meeting or your restaurant when placed with coffee : Gingerbread is a Christmas gift with an effect and can be customised online with us.

Advent calendar

The ideal pre-Christmas gift, whether as a little something for friends and family or a memento for business partners. Use our templates and design your own Advent calendar!

Design print products for more order and for your correspondence

Whether in private or in business, people still communicate a lot on paper even in the digital age. Print products are also still needed for sending parcels. With Infowerk you have the opportunity to design letterhead, labels and stickers with your motifs or our free templates online and have them printed by us in no time at all.

We also create flyers and business cards for your business equipment and print advertisements, which you can design online to your liking using the FreeDesign tool.

And there's even more: with Infowerk, you can also create personalised calendars as promotional gifts or personalised Christmas and birthday presents.

Everything ready to go? Then we'll ensure a perfect print result.

Design your own cards online in many different designs

If standard postcards, greeting cards or congratulations cards are too boring for you, Infowerk is the right place for you. With us, you simply design your printed cards yourself!

Design your invitation cards according to your own ideas and use your own graphics and photos. Of course, there are also many different free and attractive templates available for thank you cards or sympathy cards.

Simply select the desired card type in the tool and then start designing directly. In this way, you can create beautiful greeting cards or reverent sympathy cards in no time at all, which have your own individual touch and are thus a special sign of your appreciation for your loved one.

Get started right here and start designing your cards online. You can leave the printing to us with no worries.

Create your own personalised print products for your celebration

With Infowerk, you get all the print products for your next party or event from a single source. The special thing about it is that you have all the strings in your hand when it comes to design. The Infowerk FreeDesign tool provides you with beautiful templates for your Save-the-Date cards, place cards or wrapping paper. With just a few clicks, you can create personalised banderoles, impressive name tags for your banquet or unforgettable guestbooks for your event.

But that's not all. With our FreeDesign tool, you can do even more. You can also design the popular welcome posters or very practical seating plans yourself.

Give your event or celebration a very personal touch and inspire your guests with your creative ideas!

Start designing your print products for the next party right here. We'll take care of the printing.

Benefit from the full diversity of our product range when designing your products.

If you don't want to compromise on design and would like to realise your ideas in a simple way, you have many options with us.

The range of personalisable and self-designed print products extends from A for acrylic wall planners to T for time tables.

Create distinctive posters for your event in no time at all or design practical bonus cards for your shop. Use your ideas to create impressive sed cards or greeting cards that everyone will want to keep.

You can see from these few examples how diverse our print offer is. Just take a look for yourself and start the FreeDesign tool. We guarantee you'll enjoy designing your own individual milestone posters, baby teeth cards or poetry albums and much more online.

We'll then take care of the high-quality printing!