Seating plans

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Seating plans

For the quick and easy organisation of your event, you can design individual seating plans with us. These will help you as the organiser and your guests to keep track of where to sit.

Seating plans in DIN A3
Use free templates

With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

Create your own design

Are you creative by passion and don't need templates? You've come to the right place!

Upload a finished design

Have you already created a great design? Just upload it and you're done!

Seating plans - Templates for occasions

Design and print your own seating plan

Who sits where and next to whom at the wedding reception? Don't keep your guests guessing and surprise them with a personalised seating plan. It's easy to design seating plans with your own motifs and ideas online. There are many free templates available for you.

Creating high-quality and individual or personalised seating plans is child's play with us. These plans are not only suitable for weddings, but also for large banquets, company celebrations, congresses or meetings. Alternatively, room plans or occupancy plans can also be created. You alone determine the content and design of these plans. It is also possible to create your own blank seating plans, which can later be filled in individually by hand.

Individual seating plans not only for weddings

You can create your seating plans in four common DIN formats. The handy DIN A3 format is ideal, for example, if you want to create several plans and present them on a pinboard. DIN A2 and DIN A1 are suitable for larger table arrangements. With the huge DIN A0 you have enough space on 841 x 1,189 millimetres to organise seating plans for large wedding parties. By the way, we can print the plans in portrait or landscape format. You decide. If you are looking for something special when it comes to paper, we recommend affiche paper. This type of paper is used, for example, for real advertising posters that are stuck to columns. In addition, you can of course choose from our premium coated art papers in six different grammages from 170 gsm to 350 gsm in matt or gloss. Higher paper weights always make your product a little more exclusive.

We can print your individual seating plan from just one piece.

With us, you can design your seating plans online in no time at all. Simply start the FreeDesign tool on our website. There you can upload your own templates, images or graphics with just a few clicks. Add suitable texts, complete your creation with decorations and ornaments and design your seating plans in a colour that matches the colour code of your wedding or event. Editing is child's play. All functions of the tool can be used intuitively, no previous knowledge is required. And you don't have to buy expensive image editing software, because our tool is free of charge. You only incur costs when you send the print job.