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Welcome Signs

A Welcome Sign is literally a great gesture to your guests to welcome them to your party in the form of a sign. Our signs, available in a variety of materials, are easy to design online.

Welcome Signs made of 5mm hard foam
Use free templates

With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

Create your own design

Are you creative by passion and don't need templates? You've come to the right place!

Upload a finished design

Have you already created a great design? Just upload it and you're done!

Welcome Signs - Templates for occasions

Design and print your own welcome signs

Show your guests that you are happy about them. Here you can easily design the right welcome signs for your event online with your motifs, ideas and texts. You can choose from many templates for a professional and individual design.

Your self-designed welcome sign is perfect for welcoming the bride and groom into your home after the wedding. Such a sign is also perfect to greet the newlyweds in style after the honeymoon. But welcome signs are also sought-after products independent of weddings. For example, many of our customers design the signs for babies coming home after birth.

Say hello to the bride and groom or other guests in style and appropriately

We use high-quality rigid foam with a thickness of five millimetres for your welcome signs. This makes your sign light and robust at the same time. There are four DIN formats to choose from. On DIN A3, your welcome greetings really come into their own. But if you want your signs to stand out even more, it's best to opt for DIN A2 or DIN A1. To ensure that the motifs and texts on your welcome sign can also be read easily from a distance, simply choose the DIN A0 format. Here you have 841 x 1,189 millimetres at your disposal. All signs can be processed in landscape as well as portrait format. The choice is yours.

Available from as little as one piece

Designing your own welcome signs online is child's play. You probably already have everything you need: a tablet or computer and an internet connection. You don't need expensive image editing software or extensive previous knowledge. Just start your browser and visit our homepage. Then you can get started. Search for "Welcome Signs" using the search bar. In the FreeDesign tool you can now use our templates to adapt texts and layout. Of course, you can also upload your own templates or graphics and logos without any problems. With just a few clicks, you can create your own individual welcome signs with your personal message.