Funeral pictures

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Funeral pictures

With our commemorative photos you can create a personal, individual memento of a loved one. Our design templates will help you do just that.

Single-sided Funeral pictures
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Funeral pictures-Templates for occasions

Create and print your own memorial photos online

Losing a loved one is horrific. Which is why it's all the more important to be able to share the grief with friends and relatives. A memorial photo is a dignified and appropriate way of commemorating the deceased at a funeral, in a church or chapel or even afterwards. You can create your own memorial photos to commemorate the deceased in an attractive, high-quality, respectful way, and then print them.

High-quality paper and suitable formats for dignified framing

Choose from two different formats to design your memorial photos. The DIN A6 format measuring 105 x 148 mm is a classic. This can be designed in portrait or landscape format, and provides space for your images and motifs. Memorial photos in DIN A6 format are also easy to send by post, as they fit in standard envelopes.

But you can also opt for a square format measuring 148 x 148 mm. All memorial photos can equally be created as folded cards, and all four sides are editable. Every memorial photo can be designed and printed on the front and back.

The hassle-free way to create dignified memorial photos

When you're grieving, you're not generally in the mood for complex things. And this includes trying to familiarise yourself with intricate picture-editing software. Yet designing a memorial photo can be an important pre-funeral activity and help with overcoming grief. The FreeDesign tool makes it easy for you to create your own memorial photo, because you don't need any prior knowledge. After registering for free, simply launch the tool and get started. Choose one of the professional design templates and customise it as you wish. Load photos or graphics into the tool in just a few clicks and design a memorial photo that really meets your standards. You can have as many goes as you like. You only incur costs once you have placed your print order. The FreeDesign tool and design templates are totally free to use.