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For inspections, surveys or walk-throughs - clipboards keep your documents securely together. Customise clipboards to make them eye-catching.

Clipboards Double-sided Glossy
Use free templates

With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

Create your own design

Are you creative by passion and don't need templates? You've come to the right place!

Upload a finished design

Have you already created a great design? Just upload it and you're done!

Clipboards-Templates for occasions
Clipboards-Templates for industries

Create and print your own clipboards

Whether it be for uni, admitting vehicles into repair shops, placing your next order at the hypermarket or taking minutes, clipboards are super practical. They're also ideal for doctor's surgeries or educational institutions. The best bit: They ensure you have all your important documents immediately on hand without the need for any digital assistant or internet connection. And the solid design means there's also a writing surface. Simply take notes, clip them in, and you're done! You can design and print your customised clipboards online right here.

Practical DIN A4 format

Our clipboards are made from laminated cardboard. The cardboard is 2 mm thick and ensures your clipboard is super robust. Measuring 230 x 315 mm, the product is perfect for DIN A4 sheets. The integrated metal clip can also hold smaller formats such as DIN A5 and DIN A6.

We can also print both sides of your self-designed clipboard. So you have two spaces, each measuring 230 x 315 mm, for your creative ideas. But do remember to leave space for the clip.

The super easy way to design clipboards using your own motifs

Whether it be for your office, your staff or just for you, Customising or personalising clipboards is child's play with the FreeDesign tool. You don't need any expensive software or prior design knowledge, because the tool is intuitive. Simply upload your motifs, graphics or photos and position them where you want them. Enhance your creations with your texts and backgrounds, and adjust font types or colours. After registering for free, you can create as many clipboards as you like. You will only incur costs once you place an order.