Digital baby announcements

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Digital baby announcements

Announce the arrival of your baby in style. Use our design tool where you can digitally create the joyful message.

Use free templates

With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

Create your own design

Are you creative by passion and don't need templates? You've come to the right place!

Upload a finished design

Have you already created a great design? Just upload it and you're done!

Digital baby announcements-Templates for occasions

Create your own digital birth announcements online

There are few better notices to receive than those announcing the birth of a child. How about surprising friends and family with personalised, self-designed digital birth announcement via WhatsApp, email or Facebook? You'll also be setting your announcement apart from the typical digital images, because the free design tool gives you all kinds of design options and enables you to choose from a wide range of free templates. Give it a try for yourself.

Reach all your friends and family online with your birth announcement

For a long time, paper cards were considered the standard for 'official' notices to friends and family. They were thought of as being proper and premium, while digital cards were seen as inferior. But digital birth announcements actually give you a lot more options for incorporating your own personal style and taste, as well as a personalised note, enabling you to clearly set yourself apart from the masses of paper-based birth announcements. The content of the message is of course reason enough to celebrate. The big advantage of digital birth announcements is: During those initial tiring days after the birth, you don't have the added stress of writing out envelopes, putting stamps on them and posting them - especially if you have a large circle of friends.

Create stunning birth announcements digitally in just a few clicks

Have you ever felt you had two left hands when it comes to card design, and therefore never dared to create your own? And did you also think that the only way to make stylish digital cards was with expensive software? Then you've obviously never tried the FreeDesign tool. This enables you to create stunning birth announcements digitally in just a few clicks. It works totally intuitively. So you don't need any prior knowledge and can get started immediately. Insert your own images, choose your favourite from the wide range of free templates, or enhance your card with text, poems, sayings or just a nice message to your family and friends.