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In order to be productive in your home office, keep track of things and stay motivated, you can design important office products yourself here at Infowerk and have them printed by us. With just a few clicks, you can add your motifs to magazine files or document folders and receive them ready-printed from us. Try it out and make your home office even more professional and beautiful.


Ring binders


Ring binders are simply a must if documents or loose sheets of paper are to be filed properly. Now you can easily design them yourself online.


Sticky notes


Small sticky note pads are popular advertising media: they are versatile and simply practical. Here you can easily design and print them online.


Address labels


With practical address labels, labelling letters and parcels is child's play. No more illegible recipients and senders. Design your own custom stickers with our online design tool and impress your customers with high-quality mailings.

Office products with your design are anything but boring

In order to work in a motivated and concentrated manner in the home office, it is not only important to have powerful technical equipment. With Infowerk, you can also ensure professional office equipment with self-designed office products.

Create book labels or ring binders with your design in no time at all. Design sticky notepads online for quick notes and reminders or create a professional impression for your business correspondence by designing address labels yourself online.

For more order in the workplace at home, you can use notebooks, magazine files or bookmarks. The great thing about it is that you don't have to resort to standard designs, but can design all office supplies to your liking. We will then take care of high-quality printing.

Make your home office even more individual with self-designed products

Do you know how many times a day you look at your mousepad or take notes with a ballpoint pen in your home office? And surely you also grab a coffee or tea or two while you're working?

Then make sure that the things you use several times a day match your style. Use the FreeDesign tool to create attractive designs with your motifs for mugs, pens or college notebooks in no time at all. Decorate your desk with a self-designed desk pad, for example.

With Infowerk, all this is possible with just a few clicks. Start right here and make your home office even more beautiful.