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Industry sectors

With Infowerk you can easily create individual and high-quality print products online in just a few steps and without expensive software. Register now for free and the whole range of printing options is open to you. You will not only benefit from a wide range of design options for your company or your services, but also from excellent printing at a favourable price.


Events, Parties and Weddings


Use our numerous free templates and design the perfect business stationery for your event, party & wedding with us!




Bars, restaurants or catering services will find ideal templates for digital and haptic communication and business stationery.


Hair, Cosmetics and Nail care


Hairdressers, beauticians, nail care professionals and all representatives of the beauty industry will find ideal templates for communicating with their customers.

Creative and professional print products for service providers

Do you need brochures or catalogues for your architectural office or do you want to create and print professional exposés yourself as an estate agent? Maybe you need flyers for your veterinary practice or pharmacy? 

With Infowerk you are always at the right address if you need professionally designed and printed information or advertising materials such as flyers, posters, banners or other print products with little effort. 

Simply save yourself expensive design programmes and a lot of time learning the ropes of complex programmes. Simply start the FreeDesign tool with us and create professional-looking offer brochures, business cards and much more in no time at all. Why not start right here and make an appealing impression on your customers?

Quickly create print products for your corporate event or more

When the next company event or party is coming up, your guests should know about it. With Infowerk you can quickly create invitation cards, flyers and much more to get them excited about your event. 

With the free FreeDesign tool, you have the perfect tool to promote more than just one-off events. We also offer you the opportunity to create loyalty cards or bonus cards for your gym or wellness centre online and have them printed by us at low cost. 

Save valuable time and money by designing your print products yourself. Register here for free and you'll have unlimited access to our FreeDesign tool.

Make a lasting impression on your guests and customers

The hospitality and tourism industry is all about creating memorable moments for guests. Why not invite your guests to have a great time in your restaurant or hotel with distinctive print products? 

Design appealing brochures, menus, flyers or napkins with just a few clicks. With the FreeDesign tool, you can also find beautiful free templates for price lists or information sheets that you can display in your establishment. 

Another tip: The FreeDesign tool is also ideal for authorities and educational institutions to create work or information sheets with a professional look. 

Just try it out and register here for free. The powerful FreeDesign tool will be available to you immediately. Your starting signal for self-designing print products of all kinds.

Design varied print products for the creative industry

Whether artful invitations to vernissages and film premieres or flyers for sporting events, trade fairs and pitches from your advertising agency, with Infowerk you have it in your own hands how you reach your customers or guests. 

You can easily create individual and personalised print products such as brochures, invitation cards, banners or beach flags for your events or your company. 

Of course, you can also use the FreeDesign tool to create appealing print products for your agency's customers. 

Because creating them is child's play. All you need is our free FreeDesign tool. Save time and money and design what you need yourself. Get started right here. We wish you lots of fun!