Funeral cards/ memorial cards

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Funeral cards/ memorial cards

Bid adieu to a loved one. Use our design tool, which enables you to create stylish condolence cards digitally.

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With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

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Funeral cards/ memorial cards - Templates for industries

Create your own digital funeral cards online

When loved ones pass away, it's a difficult time for everyone. Especially then it is important to avoid unnecessary stress. This also applies to writing funeral cards before or after the funeral. Traditionally, cards with a mourning border were sent by post to the closest mourners. But you can also send funeral cards in the digital age. At Infowerk, these special cards can be designed in a reverent and high-quality way with just a few clicks. You can inform all guests by email or share the funeral card on social media. For you, the effort is reduced and yet all the important people are reached.

A quick way to inform in a difficult time

A digital funeral card has many advantages compared to a paper card. Especially in our time, it is common that we have many telephone numbers and email addresses stored in our mobile phones, but no postal addresses anymore. If you have a bereavement, it would be tedious to first find out all the important addresses in order to then address funeral cards. Another, not insignificant aspect is that with paper funeral cards you would also incur costs. The card must first be designed, then printed and finally stamped. This quickly adds up to several hundred euros. With a digital funeral card, you can reach all the important people quickly and still keep it stylish. After downloading your self-designed cards, you can send them via email, WhatsApp or social media.

Create dignified digital funeral cards online with little effort

You don't need complex graphics programmes or expensive graphic designers to create digital funeral cards. Simply register here for free and start the FreeDesign tool. Choose from several free templates and personalise your funeral card with text, photos and graphics. You can take as much time as you like when designing. The use of the FreeDesign tool and your downloads are free of charge. We wish you much strength and would like to make it easy for you to create funeral cards digitally. You can start directly here.