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Photo books

Is there that one special moment, that one special experience that you want to remember over and over again? Then capture your memories with a unique photo book. It's easy and personal with our online design tool. So that the holiday, the wedding or the wonderful baby years with your darling never pass.

24-pages photo book
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Design and print your own photo books online

Photo books are wonderful products to reminisce about your last holiday, special events like weddings or your own childhood. Above all, the books ensure that countless photos are not forgotten on hard drives or in mobile phones, but are really looked at. With Infowerk, you can design photo books online in no time at all. You can create beautiful, personalised photo gifts for friends and family. Photo books are also perfect for presenting your company's history in photos or for giving yourself a treat. No matter what memories you want to capture in the photo book, we can print up to 100 copies for you.

Create photo books in different formats

We offer photo books in seven different formats. Square photo books in 205 x 205 or 195 x 195 millimetres are visually appealing and very handy. Square photo books in 300 x 300 millimetres are recommended for documenting special occasions such as weddings. Of course, you can also create a "classic" photo book in portrait format in 205 x 280 or 220 x 280 millimetres. For panoramic photos, it is best to choose landscape formats such as 205 x 280 or 195 x 185 millimetres. For the cover, we use robust digipaper that is drawn onto 1,220 gsm cardboard and then laminated with a glossy finish. The cellophane coating protects your photo book and makes the cover more robust. The Classic books are bound with a durable adhesive binding. For the photo paper photo books we use a layflat binding. This allows you to open the photo book without any creases and print photos on two pages.

Your photo book with premium or photo paper pages

We print your photos as high-quality hardcover books. There are two paper options to choose from. For a particularly attractive presentation of your photos, you can choose Fuji CA Album HD photo paper in a grammage of 170 gsm. It is characterised by its very high colour depth and brilliance. Your photo book can hold up to 98 pages. If you choose the 200 gsm digital paper, we can print photo books with up to 156 pages. Up to the maximum number of pages, you can add new pages to your Premium or Classic photo books in increments of 2 and 4. Your photos are printed in CMYK. This allows us to reproduce colours even deeper and truer.

Create beautiful photo books with just a few clicks

It's probably never been easier to create a photo book online than with our FreeDesign tool. You don't need expensive software or to download a computer programme. Just register for free and start the tool. It is intuitive to use. You choose from many free templates and then add the pictures from your hard drive or mobile phone one by one. In no time at all, perfect photo memories are created that you only have to have printed. Just keep working on your perfect photo book for as long as you like. You will only incur costs when you place your order. Create your own photo books online - make it easy with Easyprint!