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Can I order using a guest login?

Yes. You can place orders instantly without registering. All you'll need is an email address. If you would like to use all of our services below, please register here.

- Different billing address

- Change sender or delivery address

- Split deliveries

- Order overview under MyOrders

- Neutral shipment

- Access to all payment methods

- Access to the KeyAccount programme

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, please use the 'Forgotten my password' function to obtain new login details.

Can I amend my order?

It is unfortunately impossible to change the parameters of your order. If you have made a mistake during ordering, however, you will have 15 minutes to cancel it after placing it.

How does the cancellation process work?

The cancellation process is as follows: After placing your order, you will have 15 minutes to cancel it. Thereafter, it cannot be cancelled. Only the entire shopping cart can be cancelled. No cancellation fees are charged.

How am I kept updated on the status of my order?

Use the 'My orders' function. We will also send you status emails informing you of the progress of your order. The following statuses will be shown to you in your order overview:

Production: We have received your order. If you have chosen 'advance payment' as your payment method, please ensure you send your payment receipt to us by 12pm, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee compliance with the agreed delivery date.

Shipment: Your order is packaged and ready in the dispatch room, and will soon be sent to the delivery address you provided.

Delivered: We have forwarded your goods to our shipping depot. The relevant parcel number will have been sent to you for this. You can now track your deliveries at www.dhl.de / www.dpd.de.

Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled free of charge.

What delivery times do you offer?

Delivery times depend on the type and finish of your product. The delivery times offered for each product are shown as options during the costing process.You can choose from the following options:

Standard: Standard shipping with delivery tracking is offered for all our products.

Express: Want to receive your product sooner? Then choose this shipping method, which includes delivery tracking. Please note that Express shipping is not available for all products/product variants.

Priority: The ideal shipping method (including delivery tracking) for super urgent orders. It is available for selected products.

Saturday: We offer Saturday deliveries for some of our products. Simply select the relevant delivery option during the costing process. We charge a surcharge per parcel for this service.

Please note that Priority delivery by 12pm is not available for the following orders:

- Shipments using a forwarding agent

- A delivery address on one of Germany's islands

- Delivery addresses in customs enclaves in the Alps

- International delivery addresses

Who is your logistics/shipping partner?

We work with DHL Express and DPD, or their national partners, to ship your orders. In some cases, deliveries may be made by forwarding companies (Schenker or GLS). The weight of your delivery, your selected delivery date, and your choice of shipping partner in your shopping cart determine which shipping partner is used.

How do I receive my invoice?

Once we have dispatched your goods, we will send you the relevant invoice in pdf format to your provided email address. This invoice is valid without an electronic signature under Art. 5 of the German Tax Simplifying Act dated 1 November 2011. If you are missing an invoice, you can print it out any time under 'MyOrders' in your profile on our homepage.

Can I change my billing address?

Want us to send your product directly to your end customers? No problem - with guaranteed customer protection, of course! You can select this option in the first stage of the order process. We do not charge anything extra for this service.

How can I pay you?

We accept payments via SEPA core direct debit, advance payment, SEPA electronic direct debit, invoice, PayPal, SEPA B2B direct debit, instant transfer and credit card.

Credit card



SEPA core direct debit

SEPA B2B direct debit

SEPA electronic direct debit

Instant transfer

Advance payment

Our bank details

unitedprint Ireland Limited

IBAN: IE73BOFI90008456401671


Bank of Ireland

How do I create a PayPal account?

Create a PayPal account as follows:

- Open the PayPal website and click 'Sign Up'.

- Choose whether you want to create a personal or business account

- Enter the required information, confirm by clicking 'Next' and click 'Sign Up'

- Click the link received by email to confirm your registration

- Enter your password and click 'Next'

- There will then be a few security questions to make your account even more secure

Storing credit-card and direct-debit details.

We give you the option of storing your payment details for payments by credit card and electronic direct debit (SEPA LS Core1) for subsequent orders. This enables you to access them directly the next time you make a purchase. Your data will be encrypted and stored by our partner for payment transactions, and can only be retrieved by you during an order process.

What happens to my address details?

Your data is handled totally securely and confidentially - guaranteed. It is not shared with third parties. You will not receive any unwanted newsletters or promotional emails from us either.

Where can I find the privacy statement?

The privacy statement can be found here.

What does 'drag and drop' mean?

'Drag and drop' is the function by which you can quickly and easily move, copy or upload files.

Can I order smaller batches/single items?

We of course enable you to order the smallest of batches or even single items (depending on the product).

Which data formats do you accept for uploads?

You can create your entire layout in our FreeDesign tool. If you would like to upload pictures and logos, these must be JPG, PNG or SVG files. If you wish to upload a ready-made layout, this can also be done as a PDF file. Text must be embedded in PDF files. Please only use PNG image files for images and graphics with transparencies. The transparent components are automatically omitted.

How high should my file's resolution be?

To achieve an optimum print product, we need a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, or, for posters sized DIN A1 onwards (minimum ½ a full page), a minimum resolution of 150 dpi. The higher the resolution, the better the print quality.

What are vector data/ SVGs?

The data coding does not consist of individual pixels, but rather mathematically defined curved lines. This allows graphics and text to be saved. Vector data is not resolution-dependent, and is scaled without loss of quality. It can be used in the FreeDesign tool.

Do I have to specify a bleed?

Yes. The bleed is the defined area beyond the page format. It prevents white 'gaps' that may potentially be caused as a result of cutting. The bleed is shown in our design templates when you get close to the edge or go beyond it. Use the bleed for peripheral elements or background information. The text should be at least 1.5 mm from the edge of the page format.

What tolerance range do I need to take into account?

When it comes to further processing, precision and accuracy are of utmost importance, which is why the printing industry now uses computerised machinery. But there can still end up being tolerances when cutting and folding paper - depending on the type of product and material used, these can be as much as 1 mm. It is unfortunately impossible to totally discount these differences in cutting and folding. They can result in elements that extent to the end of the page, such as pictures, text or narrow strips, getting cut off, or a layout looking uneven after cutting or folding. To ensure you receive the best possible quality, try to avoid placing text or objects too close to the edge when creating the page layout. We unfortunately cannot accept complaints relating to issues within the aforementioned tolerance range. Further information can be found in the 'Do I have to specify a bleed?' section.

Can I also select other folding dimensions when uploading a ready-made design?

Please create your flyers as per the data sheet relating to your specific chosen product on the product page. Folding dimensions other than those offered by us are not possible.

What types of paper do you offer?

Our team has already found you suitable types of paper for each available print product. The various papers are also often available in different thicknesses ('grammages'). The paper thickness is shown as a number after the paper type. The higher this number, the heavier and thicker the paper.

Glossy (paper with a smooth, glossy finish)

Matte (paper with a smooth, matte finish)

Natural (paper with a rough, matte finish)

Bio (a white recycled paper)

Cardboard (a particularly stiff paper)

Our glossy/matte paper is a high-quality, double-coated paper. Depending on the machined finish, the paper can then be refined with dispersion varnish (matte or glossy finish), as such, we cannot guarantee it will be possible to write/print on afterwards.

Our wet-strength paper is available with a thickness of 115 gsm when ordering posters. It has a blue rear side, and is particularly suitable for outdoor use, as it is non-fading and weather-resistant.

Our film is available when ordering stickers. It is permanently adhesive, white, and has a glossy finish. The polyethylene foil is suitable for outdoor use, as it is water/weather-proof and hard-wearing (tear-proof). Using grade-6 non-fading printing inks can prevent fading for up to 4 months, depending on sun exposure. The stickers are not suitable for use in car washes, are not resistant to car-washing agents, contain solvent components, and cannot be used in primary packaging of food.

What is cellophaning/special film?

Cellophaning involves applying a wafer-thin film onto the print product. This not only refines your products, but also makes them more resistant and therefore longer lasting. Depending on your requirements, this film can then be given a glossy or matte effect. There is also the option of selecting a matte special film with a velvety or linen-textured finish.

What do i need to know when printing on textiles?

If you'd like to use your own image or logo, please ensure your file supports transparencies if these are desired. This is possible for things like PNG files. For production reasons, textile dimensions may have a tolerance of +/- 5%.

What do I need to remember when it comes to washing textiles?

To ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your motif, it is important to heed the following cleaning and care instructions. In general: As son as a textile item has been printed or embroidered, the manufacturer instructions shown on the label no longer apply, as the print motifs are more sensitive than the fabric itself during washing and care processes. Please therefore note the following care instructions (the relevant printing process can be found in the product sheet in the data sheet):

Digital printing (Direct on Garment)

- Always wash und iron the textile product inside out.

- Do not use steam when ironing.

- Various print motifs must not be touched during ironing (e.g. a print on both sides). In these cases, a piece of fabric can be placed between the two motifs.

- Wash your product before wearing it for the first time.

- Do not wash above 30 degrees, and ideally use a gentle cycle.

- Do not use any fabric softeners, chemical detergents or bleaches.

- Do not dry your product in a clothes dryer.

Transfer printing and embroidery

- Generally follow the textile's washing instructions.

- The digital transfer printing and the embroidery itself can be washed at up to 60 degrees.

- Always wash and iron printed textiles inside out.

- Do not use any bleaches.

- Do not dry your product in a clothes dryer.

How can I cancel the contract?

You can cancel the purchase contract within a legal time frame. The cancellation policy can be found here.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

The process for complaints is as follows: Submit your complaint in writing: By email to [email protected], by fax to 1-5410673 or by post to unitedprint Ireland Ltd., 10 Pembroke Place, Dublin 2, D02 ED86. Remember to state the relevant order number. Every complaint must be documented. Please note that 5% of the order can be spoilage, so we need proof showing more of the delivery. This of course only applies to visible defects, not to matters such as underdelivery or unmet delivery dates. Advise us how many goods have been affected. We reserve the right to request a few samples by post or to collect the goods for inspection. Let us know how you would like the issue resolved. Complaints are reviewed promptly by our staff, and we will get back to you by email as quickly as possible using the contact address stored in your customer profile.

What is your address or how can I contact you?

You can find our company address and contact options here.

I have a question. What can I do?

You can contact us via our ServiceCall 1-5410382. Our hotlines will be able to further assist you. Or email us at [email protected].