Bottle openers

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Bottle openers

Our individual bottle openers cut a fine figure in the gastronomy sector, in the hotel business and are also eye-catchers at private events such as weddings and celebrations for that personal touch.

Plastic Bottle openers size 90 x 37 mm
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With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

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Are you creative by passion and don't need templates? You've come to the right place!

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Bottle openers-Templates for occasions

Design bottle opener online

Everyone needs a bottle opener - it is not without reason that individually designed bottle openers are among the most popular advertising products. Create your personal bottle opener with company logo as a promotional item or personalised gift now with our free tools, it's really easy!

Our tip: Choose the colour consciously. If you want to print text and logos, the colour should be a good match. Fonts are especially easy to read if you print them in black. Contrasting and complementary colours also have a great effect: for example, a green font on a red background is particularly striking, as is a yellow logo on a blue background.

High quality bottle opener with cap function

Our high-quality bottle openers have around 33.3 square centimetre design area at your disposal! Use this space for your advertising logo and message or information about your company such as address or opening hours, or even social media links. We print bottle openers with a sturdy plastic housing and a metal eyelet with which bottles with crown corks can be opened quickly and without much effort at all. And this printed bottle opener has a really practical tool: Not only can you open bottles with the individualised bottle opener, but you can also close them again! The opener can be pushed over the neck of the bottle and seals the bottle again: the contents will remain fresh for longer, in summer wasps or other insects can't crawl into the neck of the bottle, which is a real plus!

Bottle opener with photo

You want to print a small photo on your self-designed bottle opener? No problem, just activate the option "4/0-coloured CMYK". With the proven CMYK four-colour printing you can also reproduce fine colour gradients such as on photos and images in print as faithfully as possible to the original. When creating your print file, make sure that all graphics have the required resolution. Otherwise the print will look "pixelated" and blurred! Bottle openers with photo print are a nice idea as a gift for a birthday or event. So whether it's with a logo giveaway for bars and off licences, or as a personal gift with a more personal photo, these personalised bottle openers will convey your message in a fun, practical and interesting way.

Free templates for printed bottle openers

In our free design tool, you can preview your design on screen and simply position elements it with your mouse. If you don't have a suitable photo design at hand or if you still lack design elements, we recommend you take a look at our media database. Browse our photos, cliparts and illustrations, use them to easily design your own bottle opener. All our templates are free, the design doesn't cost you a penny: The use of our design tool is also free. You simply pay for the print. Do you have questions about the online design of bottle openers? Then give us a call or contact us by email - we will be happy to help you personally.