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Photo mugs

Individual photo mugs with your picture as a perfect gift for many occasions. Simply design them online with our design tool.

Pottery Photo mugs
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Photo mugs-Templates for Occasions

Design photo mugs online

What can't be missing in the morning? A cup of hot, steaming tea or coffee. And a wake-up drink from an individually printed photo mug tastes even better. We can print your unique design onto a variety of mugs easily and cheaply. Try our FreeDesign tool and there are no limits to your imagination!

Mugs are used several times a day, it is one of the first things you touch in the morning, at home and at work. It would be pretty cool to have an individual item instead of a mass product, wouldn't it? We print photo mugs according to your design - you can have the mugs printed with a photo, text or logo.

Design photo mugs with images, text or logos

Our cups are made of high-quality white ceramic, have a diameter of a good eight centimetres and a height of nine and a half centimetres. 300 ml capacity - enough coffee to give even the biggest morning grump a caffeine kick. A 95 x 210 mm surface is available for your desired design. Please note that photos and images must not be larger than this area.

Send us your print file in a minimum resolution of 300dpi as PDF, JPEG or TIFF in CMYK colour mode with the colour profile ISO Coated V2, Fogra 39. Attention: Due to the printing process no transparencies, spot colours or special colours can be printed on photo cups. Please pay attention to this when creating your template.

The perfect gift: photo mugs with individual printing

"Carpe Diem": Let us print your motto on your photo mug for that really personalised feel! We all have a friend who always says the same phrase. How about having his favourite saying printed on a self-designed mug and giving it to him or her as a personal gift for their next birthday?

You don't need any prior knowledge or special software to design your photo mug online: With our handy online configurator, you can determine how your individually printed photo mug should look at the click of a mouse. The design of your photo mug is completely free of charge, you simply pay for the print itself at checkout - and they are cheaper than you might think, we are one of the largest online printing companies in Europe and offer professional print quality at very reasonable prices.

Magic ceramics - the surprise on the photo mug

By the way: We do not only print normal coffee mugs. Our Magic ceramic photo mugs are a real surprise. Magic ceramic is a special ceramic material that changes colour when heated. The basic colour of these Magic cups is black. As soon as you fill it with a hot beverage, the cup changes colour to white and your previously printed lettering or motif appears. A great idea for the office or the coffee table for a surprise message - your guests will definitely have something to talk about.