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Our mission

With Infowerk, our mission is to give all users the opportunity to design anything easily and for free online with great design templates and professional design tools, to publish digitally at any time and to produce something tangible.

For all occasions, for all industries, for all topics, with any device, on any channel, in any language, in any country.

About Infowerk

Infowerk is a brand of Unitedprint.com SE, an innovative and globally operating e-commerce technology company in the field of design, marketing, print and publishing.

With Infowerk you can design professionally for free. Over 1 million customers for more than 150 countries worldwide trust us as an excellent partner!

  • With unique products you impress with your personal standards and individual style.
  • Countless professional design templates offer you a creative and tailor-made appearance.
  • With our FreeDesign® tool, you can easily create your own personal design online.

With thousands of design templates for more than half a billion product combinations, we have already realised more than 1 billion euros in group sales with Unitedprint. From the very beginning, we have defined the whole of Europe and in the meantime the whole world as our market. Because digitalisation and globalisation are and will remain the drivers of world events.

As a smart company, we are an open network that does not feed into its own production, but above all allows the integration of third parties, such as trading partners, producers and also solutions of other digital-based technologies.

As a first mover in online design, print and publishing, we have been combining digital transformation with internet-based visual communication for over 15 years.

As we have all learned recently, contacts can be kept alive digitally quite well for a while, but at some point they need to be recharged. This works all the better with personal encounters and with attractive haptic communication experiences.

Mastering the e-commerce processes, IT and data for an optimal communication experience is our company's greatest asset.

And the best part is, it's all still just beginning!

Wolfgang M. Lerchl

Founder, Sole Proprietor, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Become a production partner

As a smart company, we are an open network that does not feed into its own production, but above all allows the integration of third parties, such as trading partners, producers and also solutions of other digital-based technologies. Our formula for success can be summarised in a simple equation:

Network Coordination + Data Intelligence = Smart Business.

As a production partner, you can enable your own success with and through us by professionally serving our common market with your own performance and our global e-commerce expertise. You can also use our Infowerk Shop as your global online marketplace for your niche or special products at any time. Great new products increase the attractiveness of our Infowerk Shop and your global sales opportunities - a perfect win-win constellation.

Unitedprint has a comprehensive global production partner network for highly automated and standardised production and dispatch processing. Perfectly coordinated and mature in-house software-based workflows, which are constantly being optimised, guarantee highly efficient and highly productive daily order processing.

Through the combined reach of our marketing and sales portals, you can literally become a global player for over 150 countries from one day to the next - completely risk-free and without having to deal with billing, shipping, customs, etc.

Become part of our trading platform and production family to combine your offers and production possibilities with the global e-commerce power of Unitedprint and write a great success story together.

Your career

Unitedprint is an independent, modern, innovation and organically profitable growth-driven e-commerce technology company - 100% family-owned and completely debt-free with splendid capital resources. With our approx. 300 employees from over 30 nations, we are one of the leading online communication companies in Europe. We offer our employees exciting jobs in an attractive and modern working environment in the areas of IT, marketing and sales, among others. Also in the organisation and administration of our global tasks, the job opportunities are always diverse, challenging and manifold.

However, it is not only professional know-how that counts with us: our young team of dynamic and creative minds has a high degree of eagerness to learn and curiosity. In short: an environment in which you can develop your ideas, work is fun and the results become visible very quickly.

Of course, we not only offer our employees professional prospects and opportunities for further training, but also attach importance to a good work-life balance, which is reflected in our comprehensive health and prevention concept, among other things. This includes, among other things, freely configurable home office use, a company-owned fitness and fun area as well as company-owned physiotherapy for free use at any time.

Become an Distributor

Affiliate Partner

As an affiliate partner of Infowerk you can easily earn a lot of money with your website, social media profile, emails, messenger services or podcasts - without effort and without risk. Simply integrate our banner/link or voucher code into your website, social media profile or postings. For every order generated in our Infowerk Shop, you will receive 25% commission of the net product price - simple, free, instant!



Sell with your own online shop and use the experience and performance of one of the most successful webshops in Europe. With an enormously attractive, broad and permanently growing range of products and services, low prices, fast delivery times, high product quality and personal 24/7 service, you can gain direct market access to a global sales volume of €100 billion without having to make any investments of your own - simply, free of charge, immediately!


About Infowerk